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Service Contact

To meet customer demand as a fundamental guide to strictly maintain and continuously improve the quality assurance system to ensure product quality, and strive to provide customers with zero defect products and services. We are committed to do for you - after sales technical validation and selection guide;

- Aftermarket free guide installation, commissioning;

- Depot site or overhaul maintenance services;

- Import of spare parts only charge nominal fee;

- Similar control valve emergency treatment or technical maintenance, valve control applications, and improve the overall solutions.

Vision: integration, convenience, both into; basic guidelines: attentive, timely and efficient.
Commitment: After receiving customer demand information contact the first time, according to a specified time or give reply within 12 hours programs, including matters of opinion, whether sent, spare parts supply, etc., and at the appointed time before implementation services


Maintenance and after-sales contact:
Services Branch Contact person: Luo Yang Bin
08 hours service hotline: + 86-510-88582008
24-hour service hotline: + 86-18961832100
Fax: + 86-510-85141819
Service E-mail: services@kelkflow.com.cn


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