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Service Network

Wuxi KELK headquarters bears a full-service part of the business area and customers KELK range of products, while vigorously conducted in various branches as the basis point across the fast service. In after-sales maintenance services throughout the service-based, and paid maintenance and spare parts business. That is to the advantage of the resources priority for KELK overall brand and marketing service, while market demand, as industrial extension means to get involved in client transformation and maintenance services, which are also important concepts and principles that we adhere to. On this basis, for the vast region, customers widely distributed features to various branches as the basis, that is, as one multi-point network system to serve as the sole headquarters scheduling coordination centers to all regions of the country a number of branches service outlets for the dispatch terminal, both the advantages of unity, timeliness and flexibility to fully meet the rapid satisfactory solution to the problem on customer needs. Meanwhile KELK also authorized third-party professional maintenance services, focused on creating specialized access platform. Meanwhile, in addition to the Chinese mainland region, we will also meet the good KELK headquarters independently of the service the Asia-Pacific region.

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